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Class Action Fitness The Gym For You At Class Action Fitness, we strive to provide the most comfortable and effective workout environment in the industry. With university proven methods, professionally trained coaches, and efficient gym equipment, positive results are guaranteed.
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Who We Are
Our Credentials
Claire Ahearn, Owner - A graduate of Oakland University in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and a certified health fitness instructor with the American College of Sports Medicine, Claire has over 35 years of experience in personal training and teaching group exercise classes.
Our Training Style
At Class Action Fitness Inc. We look to provide a personable training experience that offers direct coaching and engagement. We strive to produce a comfortable environment while pushing each individual to be the best version of themselves that they can be!
More Than Just A Gym
Class Action Fitness is known for an outstanding approach that inspires its clientele to live a healthy and vibrant life, along with encouraging a work hard, play hard attitude. At Class Action Fitness, EVERYONE is an athlete!
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Experience the difference at Class Action Fitness. This is not a typical gym. There are not rows of machines. We believe the human body is the best machine. The difference is fueled by a team of personal trainers, an unparalleled training system, and an environment filled with motivation, passion, and the will to get better.

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Our Promise Starting on this fitness path can be intimidating, but we promise to provide the most comfortable and efficient transition for a healthier lifestyle. Start Here
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Functional Fitness LIFT Small Group Circuit Training 45-minute HIIT HIIT and Recover Heart Rate Monitor Training Indoor Boot Camp Core and Recover MOVE and Recovery WWCD
Functional Fitness
Our most complete training class available. Our trainers will lead you through all aspects of fitness including balance, movement, strength, conditioning, core strength & overall mobility. In the Functional Fitness Class there will be a focus on learning specific movements and form for specific muscle groups.
Gold Standard
We hold our gym to a higher standard than that of a typical training facility. With university educated trainers, top tier equipment, and an emphasis on cleanliness and organization, we provide an experience unmatched within the industry today.
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More than just a Gym We strive to deliver powerful workout routines that will develop each individual to their specified body type and ability. Contact Us
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Personal Training We provide one on one personal support that is unmatched by any other personal training gym. Let's Start
Group Training

Class Action Fitness is designed to inspire all who enter, offering an exclusive private setting so you don't have to compete to try and find equipment and space.

Membership includes unlimited training sessions in a small group atmosphere. One exercise and one resting metabolic test, travel workouts, and a trainer will be in touch with you each week in regards to your workout.

Single Membership Package
Sign up and receive a membership for unlimited workouts.
Family Membership Package
Up to 3 Family Members (15 Years of Age or Older is Recommended) Does not include resting and exercise metabolic test.
Our Promise

At Class Action Fitness we strive to provide the necessary tools and resources to achieve unbeatable results both mentally and physically. We will teach extensive training exercises and methods to allow clients to absorb necessary knowledge useful for independently growing as an athlete. This will allow for consistent movements, techniques, and results. That is our promise.

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Dedicated Trainers University trained coaches that will guide you through movements and exercise techniques Let's Talk
Individual Training

Personal Training sessions are one hour in length and individualized for each client to meet their personal needs and goals. We will customize your program based on your strengths and weaknesses. Our trainers are University educated and will coach you through a workout to build strength and prevent injuries. At Class Action Fitness, Inc. there are no limits to your workout.

Discounted Yearly Packages

This is for individuals who are interested in continuing personal training sessions all year long. In order to get this discount a monthly payment must be paid the first day of each month. You will recieve a resting metabolic test and an exercise metabolic test. 24-hour cancelation is required to reschedule a P.T. session.

One Day a Week
4 Sessions Per Month
Two Days a Week
8 Sessions Per Month
Three Days a Week
12 Sessions Per Month
Session Based Personal Training Packages

Session based training will allow clients to approach personal training with a set trial and financial option! All perks and benefits still apply within this form of scheduling!

Single Session Package
Paid Prior to Booking Session
Ten Session Package
Paid Prior to First Session
Twenty Session Package
Pair Prior to First Session