You may wonder how come I have named my business Class Action Fitness, Inc. The reason is because I have been a group fitness instructor for over 25 years. It has become my passion to teach people proper exercise and learn how to workout without becoming bored. So that is how I came up with Class.  

The word Action is used because I love anything that is active. Action for me is a way of life. And of course Fitness is because fitness and wellness are a very important part of life. When I came up with the name I really wanted a name that described my philosophy to a T. Class Action Fitness seemed to fit the bill. 

The most important part of Class Action Fitness, Inc. isn't the name but the concept. How the gym works. Here at CAF, Inc., you are with a trainer at all times. This is not a gym with a general membership. You cannot use the gym on your own. There are fitness facilities already like that. Many who have clients that pay a monthly fee and never attend a workout. I didn't want to be another one of those gyms. I want people to workout. I want people to use the facility. The only way to guarantee a client using the facility on a regular basis and getting the results they wanted was to make an appointment with a trainer. And the best way to do that was to make the classes affordable and the clients accountable. So each month clients sign up for the classes they want to attend. Each class has a trainer or two that designs the workout and takes the clients through 75 minutes of exercise, making sure they have proper form. 
Committed to helping our customer achieve their goals!

Making you functionally fit for sport & everyday activities.
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