Location: Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI
We are a proud sponsor of the Brooksie Way Training Program.

Making you functionally fit for sport & everyday activities.
Come and join Class Action Fitness, Inc. for an outdoor bootcamp style workout to help improve your fitness level. This outdoor class is intended to challenge you mentally and physically and in the end we promise you will have the confidence you need to tackle any race.

Why are we different? We run outdoor bootcamp classes all year long and we have been for over 10 years. Your instructor has a 4 year degree in Exercise Science and can guide you through a challenging workout that is safe and effective. So come out and try this class. It includes:

Running, Hill Climbing, Stair Climbing and other drills giving you the ultimate outdoor workout.  

This class will be held on:
 It is getting darker sooner so contact us in regard to class time and day

You will sign up through Class Action Fitness, Inc.

We meet at the Stone Shelter inside of the park.

Contact us for more details or to sign up for the class, this class has a limit of 20 participants.
248-289-6143 or ClassActionFit@aol.com

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Making you functionally fit for sport & everyday activities.