Each client signs up for the classes that they would like to take for one month. Clients pay for the entire month up front which guarantees their spot in the class. Much like a college class. It is up to the client to attend each class that they are signed up for.

For group training classes there is a maximum of 8 clients per time slot. CAF, Inc., limits the number of participants in each class so that the trainer can make sure they have hands on training with their clients. At CAF, Inc., your trainer designs the workouts to make sure everyone in the class gets the ultimate workout. 
One-on-One Personal Training
$60.00/session for 1-4 sessions paid up front.
$50.00/session for 5-9 sessions paid up front.
$45.00/session for 10 or more sessions paid up front.
Small Group Personal Training (with a Trainer)
3 days/week - $205.00/month (unlimited outdoor workouts)
2 days/week - $140.00/month ($20.00 for drop in workouts)
1 day/week  -  $85.00/month ($20.00 for drop in workouts)
Our small group classes are 75-minute session with a Exercise Physiologist.
Committed to helping our customer achieve their goals!

Making you functionally fit for sport & everyday activities.
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$10 Drop in for this class.  Check schedule for days and times.  Anyone is welcome, no additional charges.